Fellas, Weed, and Sex can be an amazing experience or non-existent. The sensations of getting it on can be overwhelming for the early smoker or the anxious sam. You’ve walked the dog several times when high, how come it won’t listen when it matters? It takes time, patience and control before you hit the promised lands. I’m going to share some tips to make sure everything’s is churning and burning:

1) Smoking the Right Strain: Choose the right strain, I recommend Indicia (if it doesn’t make you pass out that is) it give a better body buzz and your mind isn’t going off. If you or your partner falls asleep ahead of time, lower the THC strain. For Sativa and Hybrids, I would say it’s for the more advanced smokers. The reason being is that your mind has to be stronger than the weed. If not you’re going to find that your mind will wonder, over-think, or just get overly excited.

2) Breathe: It’s time, it’s going to happen, or is it? Your heart begins to pump faster to your already accelerated heart beat. Slow down cowboy. Get your heart rate right. Don’t rush and give your partner a massage. Get one back. Relax a bit. Take long deep breaths, this is very important. Keep doing it over and over. Once you find that calm then move on.

3) Communicate: Let your partner know if you’re “a little too high” right now. Ask for patience, them understanding will help relieve some of the anxiety that the high is feeding off. Talk a little bit more, maybe your mind is wondering off. It’ll help you stay in the present. Don’t feel bad. A big part of sex is communication.

4) Partner: Are you smoking a J before your one night stands? or booty calls? Maybe the high is sending that adrenaline sky-rocketing. It’s like sky-diving high, do you really need more excitement? Sky Diving is crazy as is. Perhaps save the smoking and sex instead with the partner you’ve been with for a while. You have a comfort level with them and everything feels that much more natural. No judging, no misunderstandings, no pressure to perform. Just calm vibes.

5) Comfort: Be in an environment you’re used to. Your own bedroom is the best. Upstairs in a Mexican whorehouse with the door wide open is not. Your bedroom or theirs where you’ve done it before is one less thing to worry about. You’re familiar with it, it’s normal, it’s comfortable.

6) Atmosphere: Lights on or off? Dim. Too bright you’re going to distracted by your attention to details. Wow, I never noticed that mole on their arm. Is that burgundy? Lights Off, your mind can wander off so far, that you’re there but not there. The enhanced sensations of touch will also trip you out. Although when you’re more experienced, definitely try with the lights completely off. Keep it Dim, it has a good mood to it. If you think music will calm you down, sometimes it might not. Stuff like electronic, only beats, no vocals can at times encourage your brains to get “lost” in the music.

7) Foreplay: Enjoy each others company. Like I said, no need to rush into it. Enjoy the moment and don’t think about the next step. Just live what’s happening now. A little help and “guidance” from your partner can go a long way, literally.

8) Acceptance: Hey there superstar, not even Michael Jordan scores 50 points every night. Tonight wasn’t your night. You’ll be better prepared next time. Being hard on yourself will only add more pressure next time around. Follow the steps again and take your time. It’ll happen! Believe it!

9) Hacks: So you accepted it, it didn’t work out. Next time around, try this trick. Don’t smoke before. Smoke DURING. Most likely you’ll be indoors unless you’re a wild animal. So try using a vaporizer. Not only will it help you get comfortable in this state, the transition of sensations during is one of the craziest feelings. Have a Good Time! Enjoy this amazing time.

Do you have any other methods that you found works? or what other issues are you coming across that helps you? Let me know!

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