His and Hers Shirts And Hoodies



His and Hers Pipes and Bongs

His and Hers Socks and Undies


Matching Tattoos? Errrrrr….


Chill Looking Backpacks


marijuana leaf backpack

Cannabis Shoes!


Cannabis Robes!

marijuana robes his and hers

His and Hers Stash Jars

his and hers glass jars

His and Hers Mugs 

best bud mugs

and of course His and Hers LUBE =)

his and hers cannabis lube

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  1. lanesha

    this is an amazing blog that you have here. I really like the way that you have thought through all the possibilities of how we are and how we were. I really liked the one about the Panniers. I like your thoughts on the history of fashion. The images are also so beautiful. Great sourcing .