The 420 Games’ motto is “achieve, support, and educate”. Focused around the main event, a 4.20-mile running course, it also had a series physical events such as: BMX, yoga, skateboarding and mini-competitions. With legalization approaching, active events like the 420 Games help educate society and show everyone that cannabis isn’t just for lazy potheads. The price was amazing at just $4.20 for early bird. We needed one more ticket, and thanks to our friends at Dank Gals, they provided us with one. For a Cannabis event, ironically, smoking or selling marijuana was not permitted.

Here are 10 reasons why the 420 Games were amazing: 

1. Promoting a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

What better way to educate about marijuana than through conversation? The 420 Games showed us that they could definitely walk the walk. The Games continually aim to promote cannabis smokers as active people, showing through action and organization that no, weed doesn’t necessarily make you lazy. If used responsibly, marijuana can work to enhance your active lifestyle. The keyword is responsible use.

2. The Early Morning Event = Edibles for Breakfast

“Even the event’s start time of 8 a.m. seems counterintuitive to cannabis culture, but that’s just the point.” ~L.A. Weekly

And even arriving at 8:00 am, the line-up was out the gate.

In line, we started the morning by chomping on some Salted Caramel chocolate by Delta 9 Edibles. 240mg THC in the whole chocolate at 60mg per piece. That’s a lot on an empty stomach and I almost never wake and bake, but hey, let’s see what happens.

Delta 9 Chocolates

3. The 420 Run or Bike Ride from Santa Monica to Venice

I went to the Games with my homies Jess and Fawn. We don’t run much and we were starting to feel the chocolate, so we opted to take the bike route.

Man I’m tripping out.

Riding Bikes at 420 Games

The bike ride felt like 5 minutes.

4. The Awesome Swag, like a 420 medal!

5. Getting a Foot Massage After Your Run

Fawn’s Jordans were killing her feet; thankfully, the Papa and Barkley booth had foot massages all day. Some Jordans may look good, but not all of them are comfortable.

6. The Event was Pet and Child Friendly 🙂

Adorable kid working the booth at Venice Relief.

The homie Enrico of High Standards Agency with his daughter.

7. All the Happy People with Great ~Positive Vibes~

“There is a passion and vibe of camaraderie at these events that is very inspiring to see.” ~Founder, Jim McAlpine

The Greenly Family of the Greenly Online Collective. You can read about my first yoga experience hosted by Greenly.

8. Amazing Vendors with Amazing Goodies

Civilized Life at 420 Games

The team at Civilized Life provided water and great informative education.

BakeBros and Dank Gals

Baked Bros and the homegirl Lisa show off their swag.

THC Design at 420 Games

THC Design has some of the nicest designs and packaging in Cannabis I’ve seen.

Jess checking out some Ganjaaaaa *not for sale at the event*

9. The Community Showed Up

Friends and a great turnout. The event was packed!

Godmother Ophelia of Stock Pot Images 

Nothing but love and big hugs every time we see Lizzy Jeff.

Homies Kevin and Edward representing 626 Night Market and The Munchies Festival.

Met up with Jimmy from Medik8 and his friend “The Scientist”.

10. That L.A. Life: California Sunshine