1. The Lean Startup

I built this blog with this idea. I don’t want the business I want to become, but I can’t just wait. I have to just start building. It wasn’t half way into my blog that I came across The Lean Startup and it seemed liked the stars aligned. This was exactly what I’m doing and the Lean Startup provided me more guidance. The idea is to get your product out as fast as you can, so that way you can listen to what your customers thinks. It saves you a lot of time and headache if you built the product from beggining to end just to find out your product is no good. Build. Measure. Learn.

2. The 4 Hour Work Week

Probably the Bible for many entrepreneurs, especially in the online space. Tim Ferris gives his practical guide to maximizing your time and efficiency. The hot word for that now is “Growth Hacking”, you’ll find a lot of material on that. I think what makes this book so successful is because it helps you take action right away. Other books just put ideas in your head, but many people don’t do anything after. Everyone wants to work less and be rich, it’s the “work from home” idea evolved.   The actuality of working 4 hours is more marketing ploy. Consider it more a long longgggg term goal. You’re going to have to work your ass off if you want to get to that level, expect to work 70+ hours starting off if you truly want to make it.

3. Creativity Inc 

I think Marijuana and Creativity almost go hand in hand. A book by Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar. The book is more focused on leading and managing a creative culture and company. Even if you’re not a leader or manager of a creative team, its puts into your head ideas of how to foster creativity within people. Such parts of the book like creating a Fearless Culture. “People consciously or unconsciously avoid risk which hurts creativity” Experimentation is seen as necessary and not a waste of time, it helps people enjoy their work without worrying about failing. Don’t try to prevent errors, assume people’s intentions are good. When failure happens ask the team ‘How can we get the most out of it?”. Creativity is a practice. He encourages everyone to broaden their views. Show your incomplete work to others, it promotes openness and increases creativity. Take trips outside your comfort zone. The book is loaded with great information. I’ll definitely give it a more extensive read through again.

4.Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

Inspiration: Story of the most famous entrepreneur. If you’re looking for inspiration why not read about one of the most successful brands in the World? Follow the journey of Phil as he goes to Japan to find the best quality shoe and take it back home to the United States. The book touches on many subjects such as, near bankruptcy, focusing on quality, advertising, competition, and foriegn labour.

5. The Big Weed

The very first book I read on Marijuana. I was a bit embarrassed checking it out from my local library. There’s a huge Marijuana leaf on the front and the librarian definitely gave it a double glance. The Big Weed follows the journey of Christian Hageseth the owner of Green Man Cannabis a widely successful marijuana dispensary, cultivation ranch and brand. It’s a great read for the aspiring entrepreneur, he talks about the difficulties and issues he faced when trying to grow his business. I wish he elaborated more on these details because it was those parts of the book when I was paying the most attention. Overall it was a quick fun inspirational read. Definitely a smoke and chill on the hammock type book.

Stay tuned for books 6-10 in Part 2!