Have there been times you smoked and didn’t really enjoy it? It might be difficult for you if your mind starts thinking too much per second. Don’t feel bad, it could be certain circumstances you’re in while smoking that point your trip in a bad direction. I’ve been there. For myself, I don’t smoke during the day or in public, it makes me way too paranoid. I like relaxing with friends, preferably in the evening, when things are more chill. There have been times I haven’t smoked for months just because my mind wasn’t in the right place. Smoking up just kept giving me negative thoughts, so I took a break. When I came back in a better frame of mind, it was all good!

Here are 6 tips to keep you from being so paranoid:

1. Keep A Healthy Mind
Weed isn’t always the best to smoke when your mind is in the weeds. Don’t rely on cannabis to be a solution for your problems. At times it can mask it, but I feel like it doesn’t solve what’s going on in your head. Look to fix your problems first. I think it works great if you’ve had a bad day; marijuana is a great stress relieving medicine. But, if it’s something greater than just a bad day, try to give your system a break. Clear your mind and think about what’s really bothering you? How can you solve that? Try new activities or speak with friends about your issues. Bad breakup? Smoke a spliff and feel better, wake up, not feeling so great still? Smoke again, Rinse and Repeat. See how nothing is solved!!? Try to find your external problems and fix them to get yourself in a better state of mind. Small steps in self-care add up.

2. Smoke Around The Right People
Smoking with sober people really trips me out. I feel like everyone knows I’m high and they’re all staring at me! I’m sure you’ve experienced that feeling at one time lol. Smoke with your buddies that you feel comfortable with. Are you afraid of a certain someone catching you high (i.e. Wife, Colleague, Bowser)? Don’t be high around ‘judging’ people, you ideally want to be around people you can be your high self with.

3. Smoke In The Right Environment
Are you smoking too much indoors? Too many public places? What about places that you’re not supposed to be smoking? Do you still have weed on you? That fear that cops might roll by, security might catch you, your parents might smell it from upstairs etc… All are fears that can increase when you’re high. I’ve been in many of those situations – total buzzkill! Find some good locations where you can smoke in peace.

4. Avoid Smoking Alone 
It’s nice to smoke, chill, listen to some tunes, watch some shows etc., when you’re alone. However, do you find yourself over-thinking? A bad thought can easily grow and you think to yourself “Man I’m tripping hard!” Then maybe you should stop smoking alone or at least stop getting that high. Smoke some nice Indica, rather than Sativa when alone. Try other things, like smoking and going for a walk. Take some nice deep breaths and relax your brain to control that over-thinker.

5. Try A Different Type Of Strain.

Maybe you’re smoking too much of the crazy stuff – LOL. Like mentioned above, try smoking some Indica and chill out a bit. You really don’t need to smoke the strong stuff all the time. Higher THC levels does not mean it’s the best quality of marijuana. Lower the THC levels of your bud. Edibles and waxes are pretty strong stuff; if you’re tripping hard off that, stick to some lower level THC bud. You can gradually work your way up again if you like. Adjust accordingly to your perfect spot!

  • Avoid edibles/dabs till you feel better
  • Try CBD strains (smoking will still get you high, so try vaping it)

6. Take A Break From Weed!

Maybe you need a short detox. Write down what¬†makes you paranoid and how you felt at the time. Address those issues. Change things about your lifestyle and make changes about yourself. Come back a few months later and try smoking again in a positive and comfortable environment (i.e. with your favorite smoking buddies, NOT at a day-time circus). Don’t be afraid to talk to them about any issues. If the problems persist and none of the above help out, maybe you should take an extended break. Weed is meant to be enjoyed, not to make you feel like shit. Also, it’s not for everyone.

Fill that void with other things (not drinking or other harder drugs) like a new hobby. I love biking. Anything physical that is great for releasing endorphins. Yoga, Shagging, 5 hour hand-stands etc…

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