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1. Create! Create! Create! 

Do something you love to do. I love photo editing. Draw something! Make music! Working on that creative project? This can give you some new perspectives, I know it has for me. Also, a great idea is to think of what you want to do before you smoke, that way you have some sort of focus in mind. Try stuff that’s more on the creative side over technical. But hey, if you’re an engineer and you want to code for 4 hours stoned, all the power to you.

2. Turn the BASS up!

Music and Marijuana go together like Indian Food and Warm Farts. Put on your favorite tunes and do your favorite activities. Or even just lie in bed and enjoy the tunes! My favorite categories include: downtempo EDM (Kygo), Reggae (It’s Bob that started it all, be honest), or some chill Acoustic vibes. I find music with less words works better for me when I’m doing multiple things. It still lets me think and I don’t get distracted by lyrics.

3. Video Games!

I loveeeee gaming! I recommend choosing something that is not too complex, unless you’re a skilled Video Veteran Vixen. But instead, some simple button mashing, single mission type games work best. I loving Street Fighter style games. I used to play League of Legends, and at times I’d have some great moments where I played tremendously, but as the game goes on and I’m getting more stoned I forget a lot of stuff. I find myself hysterically laughing at my own stupidity. Gamer Nerds will not hesitate to mass flame you. Beware! lol

Tip: Cannabis can cause a lot of stimulation, so be careful if you’re using Virtual Reality. Take breaks or you can get nauseous fast!

4. YouTube/Netflix/Entertainment

This is a no brainer. I don’t what else to say lol. I like HD videos under the ocean, food documentaries and action movies.

5. Make or Order Food

Also a no-brainer, but just be careful of that late night binge. I recommend taking small portions and putting that into a plate or bowl and only taking that back to your room. Don’t take a whole bag, don’t stand in front of the fridge and just start going H.A.M. Although some of my best weed moments look exactly like this.

6. Connect With Your Pets

Get down to their level. Lie on the floor if you have to. Look at them. Feel how soft their head is. See how much they like that. What a special little animal you are. So calm. I can’t believe your ears also have fur. You’re like a human, but in animal form. What’s that you say? Sure I’ll do that….

7. Yoga/Meditate

Higher state of consciousness! Some nice chill tunes in the background also help. This is great if you’ve had a long stressful week. Apps like Headspace can help guide you as well since your mind might tend to drift off. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Do what fits your personality.

8. Go Outside!

Bring some music along and enjoy the outdoors. A nice brisk walk (walk that pet) or bike ride is super healthy, and the fresh air is so relaxing. If you live in the city maybe avoid the bike though, you generally want stay away from cars right now. Walk to a park, you’ll find many natural surprises. Sometimes I come across an amateur softball game at night, it’s amazing.

9. Take the World’s Longest Shower

Ah that personal water massage. Did you invest in a rain showerhead yet? Try one! Try showering in the dark with music. Don’t forget to water your genitals like a garden plant. Also don’t forget that after shower feeling. You always come out a bit higher. Find something super relaxing to do after the shower. Queue next tip –

10. Lie In Bed!

The obvious choice to end the night. That comfy mattress and warm blanket feels sooooo good. Perhaps turn off your technology, read some magazines, listen to some tunes. Put your hands behind your head and stare off into the distance. Enjoy that zzZzzz….

 Things NOT to do:

  1. Search for missing things
  2. Sit in a room alone and just let your thoughts go wild (debatable)
  3. Clean (some people like this though)
  4. Call Your Ex (don’t do it!)
  5. Overeat (they call it a family pack for a reason)
  6. Start a Fire
  7. Online Gambling/Poker
  8. Shop Online (bookmark it, and purchase those 10 frozen pizza packs tomorrow when you’re sober)
  9. Do work! Answer work e-mails etc… Enjoy the high!
  10. Do something ridiculous outside your room. Answering questions the next day as to why the cushions are all stacked on top of each other is always a tough one.

Oh…. did I forget to mention #11, of things to DO?  From our research, the highest results in the cannabis community forums were to FAPPPPPPP Away =) This will have its own post one day!

Happy Smoking Everyone!