Richard casually asked me: “Hey Chingwa, there’s a cannabis yoga event happening this Sunday and I have an extra pass. You want to come?”

I have not attended a formal yoga class in years. But as a fervent stoner, I immediately said yes with no hesitation. Titled as “Spring Awakening”, the rooftop event attracted some 70 participants to submerge themselves in the bliss of yoga under the sun.

Let us take you on the high journey below.

Santa Monica rooftop
It was a beautiful Sunday morning on a building’s rooftop in Santa Monica, California.

yoga cannabis
The event was organized by Janice from Dankgals and Joy from Mahogany Mary, co-organizers for the event. DankGals create beautifully designed cannabis glassware and pipes that cater to women, whereas Mahogany Mary provides event organizing services for cannabis-centric experiences.

Rose Quartz

Meet Rose Quartz, an elegant glass pipe that brings peace, love and harmony.

yoga class

The magical duo gives a short introduction and a warm welcome to participants.
Meet Minelli, the certified yoga instructor who also holds intimate, private, cannabis-infused yoga sessions at her home.

mini tornado bong

Adam demonstrates creating a mini tornado with this intricately designed bong.

essential oil massage
Minelli gently massages students using cannabis-infused essential oil.

yoga cannabis

An unfortunate incident, however, happened during the morning prior to meeting Richard – my dog defecated on a sprinkler in a park. As a chronic worrier with mild obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), I simply could not focus for the first ten minutes of the yoga session, I was constantly being distracted by my own chaotic mind. “I need to sanitize the sprinkler before somebody touches it and gets sick!”

organic ganja

Then, the organic ganja by the Oakland-based collective Flow Kana begins to flow all over me.

yoga cannabis class

Closing my eyes, I brought my attention back to the present moment, only to find tears of joy in my eyes. “I am in Santa Monica enjoying some of the best weed ever cultivated in human history, and all that is consuming my mind is dog droppings” I thought to myself. My mind begins to float off as my anxiety wears off too. Soaking in the sun, I feel nothing but peace, joy and connection with myself.


After that unexpected spiritual epiphany, it was time for a delicious brunch prepared by Kerry Prince, a finalist from the reality cooking show, Masterchef.


“Would you like your waffle to be medicated?” Yes, and I love the subtly of your word choice, sir.

Lizzy Jeff

My tears of joy don’t just stop there. Meet Lizzy Jeff, my latest West Coast inspiration who gave an intimate, powerful music performance about hustling in the city of Los Angeles and using cannabis for self-introspection and third-eye opening. And she gave me a hug.

Happily enjoying my medicated waffle, omelette tart and potatoes– also infused with cannabis truffle oil.

From dog droppings to a spontaneous moments of self-realization, my experience of the day definitely lived up to the title of the event. A Spring Awakening indeed.

One question lingers in my mind as we drift off on Sunset Boulevard: Can we create events that are not only fun, but also educational and beneficial to our well being with the help of cannabis, a plant that has been stigmatized for centuries?



You can find more information about Dank Gals and Mahogany Mary Below:

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