I don’t wake and bake, but I do have a bad habit of checking my phone in the morning.

I already have a ton of stress waking up today, tomorrow is the High Times Business Summit Conference. My website isn’t in the tip-top shape I’d like it to be so today was supposed to be dedicated to finishing that all up. On top of that, there are some notes and prep I would like to do for tomorrow. I haven’t been to a conference in a long time, and this will be my first real Marijuana conference. I am kind of nervous; I’d like to be prepared.

Early Hours

Waking up, I already have this thought in my head. I check my phone, and there are so many different forms of communication that go straight to the device in question. In the 20 minutes spent lying in bed, this is what I’m dealing with before anything:

1. Whatsapp: The photographer back home in Toronto is messaging me and telling me all the issues he’s having with the shoot back home. He’s asking me tons of questions and all possible problems.
2. E-mails: I have a few clients that e-mailed me early in the morning asking for some help. A few I’ve been back and forth with; tensions are rising.
3. LinkedIn Messaging: My friend wants a recommendation with certain details that are quite specific; it’ll take some thought.
4. Facebook Messenger: My sister sends me a news link of a shooting in a Cancun resort last night. A few days ago there was another shooting at a nightclub resort, also in Mexico. My sister and her whole family are currently at a Mexican resort. Of course, this is adding to my stress.
5. More Whatsapp: My friends are thinking of coming up to California. They proposed a date that I’m not available that week. We’re trying to work out details, while I’m figuring how I can possibly adjust my calendar.
6. Text: My cousin texts me asking when we’re going to take some profile photos today. Her bio-submission deadline is today.
7. E-mail Spam: For some reason WordPress is sending me daily e-mails straight to my work e-mail (which is on my phone), and I can’t unsubscribe because they’re updates. Spam in the morning is annoying, unless it’s in your Ramen Noodles. Then it’s delicious.
8. Google Hangouts: I have a group video conference meeting today around 4pm, someone said they’ll be late. I’m trying to get everyone to reschedule for 4:30pm.

I decided to put the phone down. Mind you, this is all happening while I’m lying down. I’ll take care of everything on my phone and just pass out from the mind-numbing experience. Now, I’m behind schedule and have a ton to do.

I’m still going back and forth with the photographer in Toronto. He’s asking if I can download all 278 files and find out why there’s an extra 2 (it should be 276). This will require me to go through most of the photos to find the error.

I’m hungry, I’m groggy, there’s still my regular tasks to do….my mind is overwhelmed!!!

I decide to Mediate.

Currently, I’m using the Headspace App, but I’ve heard Calm App is pretty good too.

I take my time out, it only takes 10-15 minutes.
I become calm, energized and refocused. My mind was chaotic, filled with thoughts. This quick technique brought me back, and helped me keep each task in hand.

Meditation doesn’t have to be done at set times or hours, whip it out whenever you feel overwhelmed. You can do it from your phone with some headphones anywhere. Just find a quiet space and listen.

From now on if you have a busy day, don’t check your phone in the morning. Especially those work related e-mails. I’d like to say don’t check your phone at all, but for me, it doesn’t seem realistic.

Try to get your day going right. Fill it with calm, focus, and less clutter.

Get your meals prepped, eat, exercise…