With marijuana becoming more established, there are going to be a lot more professional cannabis events/parties. I attended an event recently where smoking vape pens indoors was accepted. Exhibitors would provide free dabs, edibles, and pre-rolls. It’s kind of expected when you’re in the industry that you’re also part of the smoking culture. So getting high at these events can easily happen. And sure, why not; who doesn’t enjoy smoking some quality stuff? However, if you’re a lightweight like me and tend to trip out pretty hard sometimes, then it might not be the best situation for you. Wondering how to act less stoned at these events? Read on.

Make sure you have a game plan

I usually have a plan. Say the event is 4 hours, I’ll tell people I’m going to smoke during the last half. This way I can get some solid networking and business talk done. Then during the last two hours or so, I’ll still converse, but at more of a chill, relaxed pace. Let’s just say when I’m high I might not be asking the best questions or my memory might slip a bit, causing me to be less focused. I still want people to take me seriously as a business owner. There’s a difference between a professional cannabis event and the Cannabis Cup. You want to smoke but not get fucked up.


David Tran and Pot Brothers at Law at Dope Magazine’s B.A.D. Event

Here are some tips I have about being high while still maintaining a professional profile:

  1. Use eye drops that focus on eliminating redness.
  2. Try not to be the only one in the room still smiling.
  3. Distractions happen. Remember to keep looking people in the eye, but don’t stare into their soul.
  4. Wear sunglasses when outdoors.
  5. If you’re wobbling or fidgeting a lot, cross your hands together, not arms. Or put your hands in your pockets if you have them.
  6. Funny thoughts happen too sometimes. If you can’t resist laughing at least share the story!
  7. Eat hors d’oeuvres at a nice calm pace. If you find yourself constantly staring and aching to try the next ones that float by, then just excuse yourself. Stand by the door that the hors d’oeuvre come through, handle your munchies until ultimate satisfaction. Once that belly feels nice, go to the washroom and look in the mirror and clean off all that sauce from your lips. Check your teeth. You good? Get back in there champ.
  8. Saying stuff like, “What did you say?” or “Huh?” constantly, shows you’re not paying attention. If you’re forgetting what people are saying try to feed off the last sentence and work with that. It’ll take some skills. If you’re totally lost then ask another question, mention that it’s a bit off topic. Understand that you fucked up and pay more attention.
  9. Constantly telling people how thirsty you are shows that you have other things on your mind. Instead, suggest grabbing a drink together at the bar.
  10. Be interested but not overly fascinated. In a professional environment, going off on a tangent about your conspiracy theories or the universe might not be the best idea. Save that for your stoner buddies, not people you’re meeting for the first time. Unless that’s really your thing.
  11. Practice speaking at a normal pace (not super slow). It’s better to be the energetic stoner than the spaced out stoner. You’re going to bore people and they won’t take you seriously.
  12. Avoid the dabbing station. I was offered 95% THC and trust me, it looked delicious. I knew I would start doing all the professionally harmful moves mentioned above though.

Know yourself

At the end of the day, you know yourself the best and only you know how much you can take. I stuck to smoking some vape pens in moderation. I was pretty lit, but I was able to maintain really good conversations. At times, vaping helped a lot with some creative questions. I found the right amount for me, and kept it there. Really, just handle your shit, get business out of the way then smoke after.

One last piece of advice is to make sure you have your driving situation in order. There have been times where I took an edible and it started kicking in on the road; if you’re not used to this shit it can be a bad scene. Remember, you’re not just responsible for yourself but for other lives on the road. Don’t risk it, ride with a friend, uber, taxi or ride a horse.

Are there any other tips you find worked for you? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list and give you credit.