The Lift Cannabis Expo was a 3-day event that took place at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada.

The first day was the “Cannabis Industry” conference and had great speakers such as Chuck Rifici, John Prentice, Alan Brochstein, John Fowler and Hugo Alves. It was a massive turn-out that featured very insightful information on the future of Cannabis in Canada.

Lift Business Conference TorontoThe 2nd and 3rd day showcased the Lift Cannabis Expo to the public. There was a combination of speakers, classes, licensed producers (LPs) and vendors.

Lift Expo TorontoIt was a great opportunity to see different products available from hydroponics to books on cannabis! We also got a chance to chat with growing-expert Remo from Remo Nutrients.

Cannabis Books Lift ExpoWith cannabis being a hot topic, there were lots of press attending the event, even in niche categories like Naked News.

Naked News Interview LiftChuck Rifici shares why the cannabis industry is still only in the “2nd inning.”

Chuck Rifici Speaking at LiftThere were great panel discussions such as, “Cannabis in Media” from speakers like Ophelia Chong and Ricardo Baca. Do you remember them from our High Times blog post? It was great connecting with both of them again, we met up for coffee afterwards at the Hot Box Cafe!

Ophelia Chong and Ricardo Baca MediaSpeaking of the Hot Box Cafe, there was also a “Pitch Competition” where potential startups pitched to investors like Chuck Rifici and W. Brett Wilson. SPOILER ALERT: Abi Roach and her Hot Box Franchises won the competition! Others honorable mentions included Greg and his cannabis ritual box known as Ahlot.

Lift Cannabis Expo Hot BoxAttendees had a chance to take photos with the air stewardesses from Flyte,

Photo Booth Flyteand also got opportunities to take a virtual-reality-walkthrough of a grow facility. How engaging is that?

Virtual Reality LiftThe event wasn’t only showcasing products, you could also get tons of educational information about how LPs like Emblem can help treat your medical needs.

Emblem CannabisYou also had a chance to buy some quality products with local branding, like this Krush Grinder!

Kube Toronto GrindersOr get a massage and learn what Ganja Yoga is all about!

Ganja Yoga MeditationThere were lots of friendly faces on the floor to chat with, such as the CEO of Lift, Matei Olaru.

Matei Olaru CEO of Liftor these friendly ladies from Advanced Nutrients and the Sex and Cannabis Project.

Advance Nutrients ModelsAnd of course my favorite buddy… Herb Kushman 

Weed The North HerbThe Lift Expo was an amazing event. I picked up lots of great products and freebies. There was also a Pax Vapour contest, lots of social media influencers, friends and even a TVape lounge.

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