TL;DR (Too Long Didn’t Read) Our own notes:

An amazing interview of Michael Straumietis CEO of Advanced Nutrients. You can just see in his interviews his positivity, his excitement, energy that it’s contagious. This was really an inspiring video. I could relate to many things he’s talking about such as friendships, hard work, and mental game which was refreshing to hear. On top of that, I learned so many great nuggets about management, relationship with money, being different and the subconscious mind. The notes are for the lazy, but really you should watch this whole thing. It’s awesome.

  1. Relationship Building: Be Honest, Be Yourself, Tell the Truth. Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t know, ask for help!
  2. Ask People: “What question should I ask that I didn’t”
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask young kids, what are you doing? How are you doing it? and share back some knowledge
  4. Mansion and sharing ideas with similar people vs civilians
  5. California has the best knowledge and people in the Cannabis World. Hollywood has best story-tellers. Epicenter of Media and Marijuana
  6. Put together a huge circle of influence. Best way to have that is to create a Great Event (His Marijuana Mansion Parties)
  7. Made millions of dollars smoking weed at night and thinking about my day, it opens me up and gives me different perspectives.
  8. Key to Influence and Persuasion of people is the opposite of what you think you should and what everybody else is doing.
  9. You never want to be mediocre, no one will remember you. All your memories are tied to an emotional event. When you polarize hard, people feel an emotion.
  10. The last thing you want to be is indifferent to people. Say what’s on your mind even if it’s controversial. Don’t be boring.
  11. Slow down once you hit your goals, enjoy it.
  12.  Knowledge is not power. Applied Knowledge is Power!
  13. Speed Execution is King.
  14. Creating a little chaos in the office is o.k. When things are slowing down in the office, I like to rattle the cage. Remind people again of clear outcomes.
  15. If you have A players in your team, get out of there way and let them get there.
  16. Be transparent with the numbers of your team, aside from when you’re in negotiations (legal reasons)
  17. The difference between A and B player: When you give them a clear outcome B players ask too many questions. A players know how to get there.
  18. When you get A players, teach them about your space, culture, and community, tell them what they have to do, what the outcome looks like and let them at it.
  19. Make people in your management who are in the office and send them to the front lines, make them talk to Dispensaries and Growers. Fix what you guys are doing wrong, inefficiencies and making it better. Get rid of friction.
  20. People trust you when you are being yourself.
  21. Positive Energy: Positive things happen to Positive People, What you think is what you become. Good things happen to people have good intention and positive incomes. It’s not always going to work your way, but you have better chances.
  22. How do you know a deal is serious, people talk about liability.
  23. You just need to be 10%-15% better than your competition, that’s all you need. Just a slight advantage.
  24. Business is 90% a mental game, you need to get your headspace in the right place. Above anything else.
  25. There is no easy button in life: If you become an entrepreneur, it’ll be the hardest work you’ve done in your life, but also the most rewarding.
  26. Get in the trenches, study a lot and work your ass off. Burn the midnight oil.
  27. We are the average of our five closest friends: find new friends, grow out of some of your friends. You have to get out of their similar mindset
  28.  Admires Howard Stern’s success cause he’s willing to go where other interviewers won’t go. Most people just don’t have the gonads to go there.
  29. For YEARS I worked and studied 100 hours a week.
  30. As smart as I am (because I studied my ass off), there is still tons I don’t know, and I’m not afraid to say it.
  31. Stop going to bad masterminds and work with the good ones, I’m looking only to work with only people High-Integrity.
  32. Likes attending Summit Series for networking because it’s the best of the best: They won’t let you on that ship if you higher purpose in life (make change)
  33. What do most Billionaires talk about? Their charities: It’s about helping other people. As soon as you’re making money, start a charity and giving back.
  34. Took me 16 years to get to 60 million/year.
  35. Money can destroy you or empower you.
  36. Money likes velocity, it goes where it’s being used. The faster you’re turning money over, the more you’re going to make.
  37. Mindset and your relationship with money is the single biggest thing you’re going to have to adapt your mind to. If it’s not correct, you were self-sabotage yourself.
  38. Program your subconscious brain: My subconscious brain is how I got to where I got to today.
  39. Allow your subconscious brain to do the heavy lifting.
  40. Seek Mentors out, watch out tho lot of Guru’s out there are Con Men.
  41. When I feel discomfort, I embrace it. All growth happens is on the other side of fear. When you feel uncomfortable, and think “I’m going to learn something good, you’re about to grow” Don’t hide, that’s where all the good stuff lies.
  42. America has so much opportunity, and if you’re bitching and whining, saying “I can’t do this”. You’re never going succeed.


Interview by Nick Kho: Check out his Youtube Channel here: