At last month’s ShowGrow L.A. Event, I was interviewing various people about their thoughts on the future of Marijuana. I got answers such as: end the stigma, educate and, it’s a medicine. However, when I came to speak with Parinya Champ, we talked a lot about meditation, extra-terrestrials, art/marketing, and the universe. It turns out Champ was the graphic designer for ShowGrow L.A. and was very passionate about the mind and cannabis. The conversation flowed very well, and I knew there was a lot more to be discussed. Champ was kind enough to meet me a few weeks later at The Icon for an interview. He was the featured artist at the gallery for its Month of Photography, Los Angeles, which is a pretty amazing feat. I asked Champ about being a designer, psychedelics, the universe, and meditation:

Thanks for meeting with me Champ! I guess first off, I’m curious, how did you get involved with the ShowGrow dispensary?

Well, a guy on their marketing team was a mutual friend. We used to party together back in the day in Orange County. He told me that he worked for a dispensary and he was interested to see if I could do some design work for them. I didn’t know much about the Cannabis industry at the time, but when I searched ShowGrow they were ranked #1 dispensary in O.C. and L.A. I thought that was pretty cool. I took his opportunity and the first thing I did was rebrand their graphics and identity. They have the rank of #1, so I felt the responsibility as a designer [was] to create for them the highest quality of work they deserved.

Last time we talked you mentioned Meditation. How did you start meditating and how did Cannabis come into it?

Actually, I wasn’t into cannabis until I graduated college. I more enjoyed drinking during those days. However, later on, my friend was a cannabis user in a meditative way. He was into such things as the Tao Te Ching and Eastern philosophy, so he introduced me to how he uses Cannabis during meditation. At the time, I was already into consciousness research when I first came across Saturn’s Hexagonal cloud patterns at its north pole.

It’s so puzzling in the world of physics that there is this geometric structure floating above Saturn. Digging even deeper, it also lead me to learn about NASA’s black budget space program, which they don’t share with the public. I discovered there’s a top-secret, hyper-dimensional physics explanation to these cloud patterns, and that it goes hand-in-hand with meditation. When someone is using cannabis, the brain is actually changing dials. It’s tuning into the higher frequencies around us, and you’re picking up on these new frequencies. The geometric cloud patterns above Saturn are being shaped by higher dimensional frequencies as well.


My consciousness studies will show up in the work I do—that will come naturally. My audience will eventually find out what I do that way. I don’t have to tell them… it’s not a coincidence, it’s synchronicity.

Can you explain Meditation for those who are unfamiliar connecting to this state? 
It sounds boring, but it’s fairly simple. The mind is constantly being bombarded by mundane, noisy activity. Driving, eating, showering, etc… When you learn how to quiet your mind and put it in a state of stillness, you’re able to connect to a higher-dimensional realm that exists around us at all times. If you’re adding cannabis to this equation, you may be able to spike your mind a few levels higher into this realm. When clearing your thoughts, you can better see what flows into your mind, and you may be able to solve your problems. It can help immensely with creativity; it seems obvious, but you’re tapping into an infinite, informational vortex.

So it seems pretty easy for you to connect to this state?
Not quite, some days I can mediate. Some days, no so much—my mind is blocked, and you try again. This is normal and will never go away. Even for advanced monks of meditation. It’s a lifelong practice. It’s the nature of the mind. During meditation, I will get creative information from some place, and I always make sure to respect this information. Sometimes I get these ideas under the influence of cannabis, sometimes it can be sober.

How does Cannabis play into creating your art work?
Like meditation, sometimes I create art sober, sometimes I choose to do it high. When high, my choice is to use Sativa, it’s the way to go for artists and designers. It can give you immensely creative ideas you could never find sober. You’re tapping into an infinite informational realm. Artists throughout human history have all done this. For me, cannabis gets you off your normal daily thoughts. Cannabis increases your vibration. When you’re in that higher vibration, you’re picking up higher dimensional frequencies of information.

Furthermore, smoking everyday can take a toll on the consciousness. It can be a bad thing, sometimes your thoughts are moving too much, like a paranoid state. That’s when you know you’ve been using too often without breaks. I also noticed some of my friends are more negative when they smoke way too often. Terence McKenna recommends smoking once a week and when you do it, you do it the hardest you can. Two, three huge rips and then you just sit back, relax, and meditate. Sit in a dark room with your eyes shut, no sound. This is the method of the masters. This is the first step to learning how to enter and navigate the higher dimensional realms of consciousness.

Smoke in a good state of mind with cannabis.

Also, I believe cannabis is part of Mother Earth: respect it, and it will respect you. Bless and give gratitude to it. It is said that gratitude is the highest vibration in the universe. It can and will perform miracles. Smoke in a good state of mind with cannabis.

Gratitude is the highest vibration in the universe. It can perform miracles.

Let’s talk about your showcase, Landscape of Hyperspace. Can you explain it a bit?

My photos depict hauntingly vibrant, abstract landscapes which I build and create— they are exhibited as large-format prints. These are scenes into the hyperdimensional realms of existence that I’ve encountered when combining meditation with entheogens such as DMT or Psilocybin Mushrooms. The geometric polygons you see in my work are actually intelligent beings that are aware of my presence into their realm. They shift and morph, spin and slide, against an intensely vibrant neon fabric of time and space. At times they would appear as shapes of paper that scatter, shift, and move around. They would perform impossible maneuvers that are not even fathomable in our 3D world. Also, there is an extremely sacred, primordial essence to these visions—geometry is the simplest, most reductive form of existence. I was seeing it everywhere. For those who know Terence McKenna, he refers to these beings as “Machine Elves”. I’ve come to personally call them “Pinwheel Beings”.

Why did you choose photography as the medium? 

With psychedelic art, a lot of artists seem to resort to some style of illustrative painting. It’s traditionally used. It was used thousands of years ago in the caves of Lascaux. For me, it was never about seeing in that figurative way. My visions were very photographic, it was very real, so I felt with photography I could respectfully capture this realm in a new way which most people could never have imagined. This is my attempt at showing the world a menial semblance to an otherwise, other worldly realm.

Your art is quite abstract, how does the everyday public understand it?
There are many ways to enter my work. Sometimes it has to be through interviews like this. It’s quite dense—the intersection of metaphysics and art—the hidden worlds of psychedelics—the hidden world of our universe.

Any final thoughts on Cannabis, or research on meditation? 

When meditating, you come to realize that there is a God presence in all of the reality. Once you experience this God, it’s life-changing. You don’t have to be a religious person to experience it. In fact, it’s better that you’re not. You will be more open to it than in expectation of something else.

I eventually came to realize this “God” that we are all searching for is actually yourself. We are just small fragments of God that forgot we are God. Once you obtain this enlightenment, you can find inner peace with yourself. Look at all the ancient teachings from the Tibetan Monks, the Hindus, Buddhists, they will all tell you the same thing. They’ve always known all along. The psychedelics of DMT and Psilocybin Mushrooms will also teach you the same thing.

Amazing! Thank you Pariyana Champ for the interview.

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