The Long Awaited Pax 3

Now has a hash oil insert option
Faster Startup Time 15 Seconds opposed to 45 seconds
Stronger Battery : Heater is Twice as Powerful than Pax 2
Tactile Temperature Control (4 Heat Settings)
Raised Mouth Piece
90 Min Charge Time
Magnetic Charging Unit
10 Year Warranty
Free Smartphone app available for iPhone and Android. App allows to control settings and also has pre-defined settings for certain situations
Mirror polished anodized aluminum body
Colors: Balck, Gold, Silver, Limited Edition Rose Gold

Dimensions: 1-1/4 x 7/8 inches around

The Cannabist: “If you want the newest, coolest version of one of the planet’s best-selling portable vaporizers, you simply must get a Pax 3. It’s well worth the money.”

“The oil insert functions remarkably well. Little more than a rounded metal box, its amazing ability evinces the thoughtful research and development that went into the tiny vessel.”

“The heater is much more powerful than it used to be. It’s twice as powerful,” Pax chief product officer James Monsees told The Cannabist.”

Leafly: “It’s an investment you’ll be glad you made

“The vaporizer itself is built very well; its anodized aluminum body feels very strong and durable, and the high-polished finish is a nice touch that makes the Pax 3 feel very smooth and sleek”

Checking your battery levels are pretty cool, too, as it only requires a quick, vigorous shake of the unit.”

I was always able to get a nice, clean, and consistent amount of flavor and vapor from each hit, and having multiple heat settings really allowed me to extend the life of my bowls despite the somewhat narrow heating chamber.

Pax 3 gave me nothing to worry about, providing a consistently flavorful experience for either ground herb or concentrates.

CannabisNow: “best thing about the Pax 3 may be that it’s brought the price of the Pax 2 down by 80 bucks”

“The Pax vaporizers tend to work best when the oven is full; the 3 comes with a protruded “half-oven” lid, so you don’t need to pack in as much material to get the same full taste”

“With the concentrate option the Pax 3 it can be a pain to load. Our advice: stick with your CO2 vape on that front.”

The Vape Guide: 9.5 “seems like the best vaporizer in the world just got better. Highly recommended”

“Everything from the amount of vapor to the flavor was everything I expected and more”

“Playing around with the app and the heating profiles provided customized and personalized sessions.”

Business Insider “The Pax 3 isn’t a perfect device. But it nails two important things: portability and discretion

“I was surprised that such a tiny bead of marijuana concentrate could get me high, but it did in about five puffs. Soon enough, I stopped because the device became too hot to hold.”

“It’s clear from the simple, white packaging that Pax Labs embraces the Apple comparison”

Cons: Seepage is possible with hash oil if held sideways
Might not be able to get huge clouds from it, if that’s what you’re looking for
Performance from Concentrates is good but not GREAT

Featured Photo by: e-cigarette pros