Everyone remembers their first time. For me, I was a skinny, pimply kid in high-school. It was right after my exam at the start of summer vacation. This would be my reward and I was always curious, so why not? My friends and I scraped together a few bucks each to buy 0.7 grams to smoke among the 6 of us. Man, I’m sure you all remember your first time… (get your mind out of the gutter!)

The whole “feels like a movie” aspect, with uncontrollable laughter and munchies – I was lucky to experience all of that. It was an amazing time before my family relatives showed up to my house without warning. This loving, wholesome family would do everything together: travelling, ski trips, dinners, etc. I couldn’t feel like more of a degenerate talking to them. The father told me, “Oh my son is joining the Air Cadets program for the summer. He loves flying. What are you up to?” To which I responded highly and intelligently, “I love flying.” The awkward pause lingered on; I felt the pressure from the exchanging glances back and forth. My friends, being the good Samaritans they are, attempted to bail me out by speaking with me. I politely left the conversation, and on my way out, I thought it would be a good idea to do a somersault. It was a great experience.

15 years later, I still happily smoke the ganja, but in a casual way. A few puffs here and there after a long day of work. Having just about enough for a light toast, I relax and unwind in my own chill space to end my evening. Smoking a lot and getting ripped still happens, but more so on special occasions with friends.


Currently, I’ve been working as a contractor for Google Maps. It was a pretty sweet gig in the beginning, but it wasn’t what I loved doing. It was more for the name and experience working with Google. However, I still have an entrepreneurial spirit and I want to control my own future. Anyone in this world knows that being an entrepreneur requires a lot of hard work and tons of sacrifice, but it’s worth it. I’ll do anything to keep me away from the golden handcuffs of corporate culture.

It only made sense that when the Canadian Liberal government announced they would be introducing recreational and medical marijuana legislation in 2017, it would be something I’d love to be a part of. On top of that, the United States had 8 legal states as of Nov. 7th, 2016, and Mexico passed their medical marijuana legislation in June 2017. It’s amazing to witness the birth of a movement and be part of it. Especially for the OG stoners, it is particularly exciting to experience this progress. The thought that I will be able to talk about and smoke marijuana legally, without the fear of cops is quite historic.


I’m creating this blog to document my journey in the cannabis world. By being part of the new changing culture, I aim to educate others through my experience. I am going to continually study, learn, and meet people that are already embarking on their journey in the marijuana industry. I will take all this information and provide fellow entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and the curious majority an opportunity to enrich their lives in some way. As we progress, we need to open up an honest dialogue in order to remove the stigma attached to marijuana by promoting responsible use while warning people of the possible dangers associated with mental addiction. When used properly, marijuana can be used as a positive aid towards living a fulfilling, successful, and mindful life. I hope to share that experience as a living testament.

For now, I’m starting at zero.