July 16th, 2017 – The Toronto Green Market is back with another event! Featuring a wide range of locally curated cannabis products, the pop-up was a pleasant surprise on a Sunday afternoon. Let us take you on our journey below!

The event is located at 214 Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market, downtown Toronto. The excitement was boiling up as we took a stroll down the magical alley.

As soon as we entered the space, we were greeted with warmth by the friendly, smiley Bobby Knauff with stoner Elmo!

A colorful, infused biscotti by the brand Cannabiscotti. The bakery uses cold pressed virgin coconut oil with infused Chem-Dawg bud for their products. A variety of flavors such as chocolate and almond were available for sample tasting.

I did not wait to start munching as soon as they caught my eyes.

A creatively designed lighter by Sofa King Good Bakery. Their sample pretzels definitely did not disappoint: crunchy, delicious and fresh! Other products such as vegan, gluten-free crispy rice and cereal were also available for sale.

Buzz Baskets, a brand that specializes in edibles and products such as topicals and terpene-infused candles, creates unique gift baskets for various occasions.

Send that special someone to the moon with a infused gift basket. Feel free to get creative and customize from a list of menu items on their website.

A pack of infused gummies by Fritz’s, a local cannabis brand that specializes in sweet and savory edible products such as cereal bars and granola.

We were getting increasingly distracted by the insanely good smell as we continued to explore the venue. It turned out to be the Munchy Brothers‘ freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! The company provides frozen infused cookie dough and let you do the rest of the work with fun and ease.

Each of us had one cookie and was sent to the moon after about an hour. While wandering in space, we got to enjoy some live music performance by the talented musician Matthew Lennox.

If edibles aren’t up your alley, opt for a free dab by Hidden Valley Reserve, a brand that provides quality cannabis extracts.

This box of fancy chocolate is a collaboration by The Canna Chocolatier and The Pharoah’s Pyramids. Each chocolate contains 100mg THC, strong enough to send you past the moon to Jupiter or Mars. Remember to go light and slow; outer space is no joke, kids.

Before taking off, we lingered around to enjoy a couple games set up by the company, Bliss Events, to win extra prizes.

Who’s down for a game of Bong Pong?

Join me to appreciate and celebrate this beautiful joint necklace.

Thank you to the organizers, Lisa and Sarah for welcoming us to the event. We are highly looking forward to the next one!

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