Video by WatchCut

Parents and Children smoking weed together is still something taboo, I think thats why this video works so well. The general mindset of society is that parents should discourage their children from smoking up, and you can see in some parts the parents in the video showing their concern. But it also puts in our head is how amazing and fun bonding experience this must be. Many smokers still hold it from their parents, or if they know, they don’t openly smoke infront of them. Sharing this moment is something pretty special (one girl cries), and I can understand. Marijuana is a part of lives, and its great to have your parents share this experience with you. Hey maybe it will motivate you to talk to your parents about it and maybe one day you can share a doobie with them.

Pro Tip: Don’t give them RIP a bong on their first time. As you can see it doesn’t end well for one parent. 3-5 puffs I think would do the job for a newbie!

Good Luck!