“710the6 is bringing the best in Canadian cannabis concentrates to Toronto’s high society. The 710 Cup will include a vibrant outdoor marketplace and exclusive VIP awards show in the heart of downtown Toronto.

710 in the 6 Sign

Join us in our inaugural year as the event of the summer for the true connoisseur. Some of the most established and trusted names in the Canadian cannabis industry are set to compete for this acclaimed award. Celebrate the finest extracts our country has to offer at this epic festival!”

lavishline boomer dispensary

Did you know 710 upside is “OIL”? I had no idea till now haha. Check out all our pics below!

EDT Kief Blunt

“Cities that are hurting can really benefit from cannabis legalization. We were in Windsor for Green Market TO and the place is falling apart. I can really see cannabis as a boost to that city. ~Lida

Bud Terp Juice

“Make sure you have everything compliant so you’re ready for legalization. That way you’re not playing catch-up when it happens.” ~ Terp Juice

Moon Rocks Joint

A pre-roll joint from Moon Rock Canada. They say the “OG Moonrock and Moonrock Pre-roll is our original moonrock. Consisting of an OG bud, rolled in honey oil, and powdered with kief.”

Earl Dabs Labs Edibles

Earl Dabs Labs with some delicious looking white chocolate.

Chronic Canvas Art Work

Chronic Canvas showing their art work. Apparently the Green lacewings (Chrysopidae) shown can fight off thrips, whiteflies, mealybugs, aphids and spider mites from your cannabis crops. Smart!

EDT Vape Pen

Karma Cup Winner:

The Karma Cup winner for “Best Vape Pen” was Elite Distillates & Terpenes by Gen X Terpenes who presented their Pineapple ExpressThey were kind enough to provide me my own very pen, The Purple Kush. I gave it a try and was really impressed.

Here’s some steps to take with C02 extraction.

Pineapple Edibles Gummy

I try not to get high at events, it usually makes it hard for me to remember and focus. But this delicious pineapple sample was smiling at me. What can a 5-10mg do anyways?

Ganja Bros Dabbing

Got to meet the Ganja Bros, using the Snoop Dog Bong. That thing was heavy duty. They told me if I haven’t’ dabbed before, I’d be pretty wrecked for the rest of the day, so I passed! haha

Ganja Bros Kush

Their Vanilla Kush smelt amazing though. So tempting, maybe one day…. Thanks for the Free Hat!!

Hemp Med Tinctures

Hemp Med shows off their CBD tinctures. I got a few sample tastes. CBD can always help if you’re feeling too stoned.

Canada Concentrates Package

I was most impressed with Canada Concentrates‘ overall branding. Great logos, designs, consistency, and branding. They were also very informative in sharing how the filtration steps work for concentrates. More info can be found at http://www.canadaconcentrates.ca/

Vape 710 Vaporizer

One of the most creative vapes I’ve seen yet. The case protects the two vape pens and they can be charged inside the case through a USB.

“Creating a larger ventilation on your straw means larger smokes and able to smoke thicker concentrates” ~ Mark, Vape710

DankR at 710inthe6

The event wasn’t just all vendors. They had some fun and games. Here we see Brent from the awesome Toronto Blog Dankr.ca going through a speed-round of questions right after a dab. They also gave away some free pre-rolls, which I happily smoked at Trinity Bellwoods park after ;).

Overall the 710 in the 6 was a pretty fiiiiine event.