Setting Marijuana Goals for the Year!?

Weed Goals. Yes, Weed Goals:

Set goals in a 3-6-12 pattern to make sure you’re on track. The first 3 months is to make sure you’re moving in a proper direction. You want to know that the goals you have set for the 12th month/end-of-the-year are actually doable. By the end of the 3rd month you can adjust accordingly. It sounds like it may be a bit of a cop out, but you also have to be realistic. Say you set a goal to make $250,000 worth of sales in 1 year, and at the 3rd month mark you’re at a negative $-800. You might have to re-adjust or else you’ll stop chasing that goal because it looks too distant. Stay ambitious, but perhaps adjust your goal to a humble $100,000 worth of sales. You can still aim to achieve high.

By the 6-month mark, you should definitely have a good idea of how close you are to goal achievement. Therefore, there’s no need for the 9-month mark in this pattern. You want to have your realistic goals understood between the 6th and 12th month marks. Then just go for it, hard! You’re halfway up that smokey mountain, there’s no time to take small detours or make excuses.

Business Goals:

1. Set a Macro Goal: What would you like to accomplish and what steps are you doing to get there? Brainstorm like crazy, it’s fine being broad (macro) because the micro goals to get there will most likely change, but it’s good to have an idea of the big picture. Make a broad statement, for example: “I want to be a successful Entrepreneur in the Cannabis Business focusing on helping other Entrepreneurs.” Make sure you look at your own values too, what is success to you? What is important to you? Why do you want to do this?

2. Network More: Set the amount of marijuana conferences you want to go to, events, or people in the cannabis industry you would like to meet. Don’t underestimate the power of networking, people; networking with people helps drive your success. Setting conference commitments at the beginning of the year will practically force you to attend.

3. Create Content: I believe Content is still King! This blog is what I chose to build my business foundation on. You should definitely have some sort of content creation plan. Hey, most likely you smoke, light up a fatty in the evening and just jot down ideas. Use this to your advantage! Whether it be a blog, YouTube channel, podcast, Facebook, social media page, etc… We are in the era of rapid information and communication. Don’t stay silent!!! If you hate it, the first point on your list should be to look for someone that can help you. Set some goals targeting numbers. How many posts do you want to write? How many viewers do you want to hit?

4. Continue Learning: Always, Always Learn! Challenge yourself to read 10-15 books per annum, industry and non-industry related. Sign up for some online or offline courses, create your own marijuana mastermind group, join communities, talk, listen to podcasts. Don’t forget to take notes; especially if you enjoy blazing and reading.

5. Revenue/Sales Goals: Right now in 2017, this may be a bigger, trickier obstacle, given the volatility of the marijuana industry. It’s still going through so many changes. For example, I’m in Canada and right now it doesn’t even have legislation on marijuana. So my business plan will totally change by April. How can I generate sales numbers when I’m lacking a lot of information? You should still set some sort of numeric goals. Whether it be sales, traffic, followers, etc. Hitting numbers is the best way to keep moving forward and show yourself some progress.

6. Track Spending: If you’re an entrepreneur in the early stages money isn’t easy. Yes, you want some cool shit, but maybe it might not be wise this year. Make a certain budget for marketing, staff, advertising, food, and personal. Take into account random costs that might pop up (there will be many). Keeping track of spending is essential, but also don’t be too strict. Find that fine balance of saving and spending. Don’t save costs by eating worse or cutting off physical activities. Spend money on eating healthy and exercise, being wealthy is no good if you’re dying! Finally, you have to spend money to make money. I made this mistake by being too conservative at times. If an online tool is going to save you tons of time it’s worth it. You’re in a competitive market, utilize these tools to get ahead. Let me know if you would like a future blog on which tools to spend money on.

7. Scheduling and Organization: It’s pretty huge. Especially if you smoke zee ganja a little bit, prior organization will make sure you stay on track. Set some goals for how you want to schedule out your 3 months down to a daily schedule. For example, my schedule is that I don’t like to set specific times, but I will put in 8-10 hours a day. I want to stay organized by allocating 1 hour to social media, 1-2 hours to blogging, 3 hours to business development, 90 minutes to exercise etc…

8. Getting High and Working: I can’t multitask for shit when I’m high; only creative work is possible. After a long work day, I usually smoke a spliff at night, but that’s only if I got everything done. Set some goals for your smoking schedule. If you’re high around 5:00 pm and you got minimal work done, don’t lie to yourself and hit the reward button!! Use some apps like Stay Focused to keep track of your productivity. If your productivity is dipping, wait to smoke after. Are you smoking too much? Don’t compare yourself to potheads btw, i.e. “Hey at least I’m not smoking all day/everyday.” That’s unfair. Compare yourself to other successful people, are you getting as much done as they are? No? Well there’s a reason they’re kicking your ass then! You can set some goals to cut down a bit. Your business comes first, smoking second, if that! If you can work perfectly fine while high (I know many people that can), then all the power to you! But don’t lie to yourself. Keep track!

This post was just focused on business goals, make sure you also set personal goals as well. Ensure to include family, friends, and health time. I will write about this in a future post. But right now your business should be a top priority. If it isn’t, you will get smashed during this “Green Rush”. There are hundreds of entrepreneurs working harder, smarter and faster than you. Don’t fall behind because you like getting high all day!