Green Market Toronto is breaking new grounds hosting a never-been-done before cannabis-infused, multi-course dinner in the city.

The cannabis infused dinner, prepared with fine extracts from Hidden Valley Reserve, was a nothing but a delightful experience. It was a night where we left business talks aside for a ton of fun, enjoyment and amazing food!

Set in a relaxed setting, the dinner party, titled Midsummer Night’s Dream, was located in a secret location in the east end of Toronto.

Antuanette of WomenGrowTO shares a laugh with Lisa

Featuring a bar with a great selection of drinks, the restaurant welcomes guests with a genuine, soothing ambiance.

This 25 mg raspberry-flavored drink by EP Infusions gives a light, refreshing taste.

The talented dope chef from Baker’s Shop Lida-Tuy getting busy preparing for the meal with sous chef David Nguyen.

We were afraid of getting in her way while photographing. “If you’re not bumping into one another cooking, it’s not a real kitchen,” she said to us with her natural excitement and energy. 

The multi-course 100mg dinner features popcorn, crostini (25 mg), sweet beet salad (35 mg), poutine (20 mg), pork loin (15 mg) and roast peach (5 mg).

Freshly toasted crostini with a smooth pea puree spread, topped with green leaves, onions, and mushrooms that are sautéed and seasoned to perfection. A crunchy, light appetizer to start us off.

The sweet, fresh beets totally took us by surprise. Topped with creamy goat cheese and crispy glazed bacon strips, the salad was perfect for cleaning up our palette before diving into the rest of the courses.

It was amazing to see the organizers from Green Market Toronto, Sarah and Lisa, being so hands-on and hospitable with service and food preparation. They made us feel like we were welcomed in their own home.

Sarah giving an extra hand to the poutine with a big happy smile.

Guests were free to select medicated or non-medicated option for each course to suit their tolerance, given that 100 mg can be quite heavy in dosage, especially if you are new to edibles.

Edibles usually take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in. We were beginning to feel the buzz a while after devouring the salad. Since our spirits were quite elevated at this point, Jess decided to opt for a non-medicated poutine. Complemented by a refreshing mushroom gravy and herbed goat cheese, the two-bite poutine gives a redefined meaning to the Canadian signature dish.

The high peaked after the poutine, just in the time for the highly anticipated main course with our amplified and heightened taste buds. Served with a delicious mango sauce, the pork loin is complemented by fresh beets, buttered potatoes, and roasted carrots. Combining the savory taste of the melting fat in the loin and the sweetness of the beets, I experienced a flavorful explosion in my mouth.

The dinner party also accommodated vegetarian guests; you may choose delicious, fresh quinoa instead of pork loin at your request.

While still wrapping my mind around the explosion in my mouth, a round of applause suddenly lit up the room. Chef Lida-tuy came out from the kitchen and was congratulated for her wholehearted effort and superb culinary skills that left no trace of marijuana taste.

The honey burnt ice cream easily stood out from the dessert with its unusually captivating taste; paired with juicy, sweet roast peaches covered in raspberry sauce and a hint of black pepper on top to give an extra kick of flavor.   

 Jessica from Stonerbites and Photographer Fallforvee share ideas on Instagram branding.

Nothing felt more heartwarming than seeing familiar faces of the Toronto cannabis community chit-chatting, enjoying each other’s company on this fine midsummer night.

While in mid-conversation with Jessica, she paused and lost her train of thought. “Sorry, I’m a bit stoned,” she apologized and we both laughed. That’s what makes a cannabis dinner party special; we can be comfortable being really high and just be ourselves.

Great company talking to Dope Chef Media about smoking cannabis in Toronto. Walking into a warm house after smoking in the freezing cold is one of a kind experience, eh?

For lightweights like us, an infused meal can be quite intense; we didn’t roll out of bed until 3:00 in the afternoon the next day. So make sure you have a proper ride home:
1) Public transportation 2) Uber 3) Call a friend 4) Walk or 5) Hitch hike

At the end of the night, each guest was gifted a bag of goodies that included an infused lollipop and brownie cake from Baker’s Shop and extracts from Hidden Valley Reserve. The event truly took infused meals to a whole new level, offering exceptional taste, service and vibes. Mingling with folks not just from the cannabis industry but also from other walks of life was such a refreshing experience; it marks a great step forward in the progress of normalization and growth of the local cannabis community.

Check out Green Market’s Facebook page for more information on upcoming events:

Video by: Dope Chef Media

Photography by: RichTeaMedia360

Written by: Richard T and Jess N